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5 Aug 2022

This project aims to better understand the population genetics of Gang-gang Cockatoos in the region through feather collection. Feathers contain genetic information unique to an individual. They provide insights into the biology and ecology of birds that are otherwise challenging to sample, and in ...

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CSIRO ALA data feed update18 May 2022

NatureMapr coverage now includes SA, NT, TAS and WA18 Apr 2022

Platform update31 Mar 2022

Latest discussion

jksmits wrote:
12 Aug 2022
@NigeHartley Hi Nige, thanks for your amazing work on Cape York. I see you had offered to help out with bird moderating on other platforms, so have bumped you up there. If there are any you are particularly interested, let me know. Cheers -@jksmits

Regional Moderators and Administrators wanted
jksmits wrote:
12 Aug 2022
Awesomme @Darcy I will update your account. Anyone else, let me know @jksmits for any other nature mapr sites Australia Wide! Love your work Darcy.

Regional Moderators and Administrators wanted
Darcy wrote:
4 Aug 2022
G'day @AaronClausen , could I also mod for mammals in the Hume and Loddon-Mallee regions in Vic, and in the Riverina-Murray region in NSW? I'm also happy to mod for birds, mammals and plants in the NSW Central West and Far West regions.


Regional Moderators and Administrators wanted
Michael123 wrote:
2 Aug 2022
need precise location to identify

Meridolum sp. (TBC)
Tapirlord wrote:
12 Jul 2022
Was moved to shrubs, should be in wildflower

Actinotus helianthi
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