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7 hrs ago

Hi All,We've been working with the Atlas of Living Australia to have our data feed fully refreshed and redesigned. It is almost completed now and the ALA are doing final testing at their end. This means that very soon, you will be able to rely on the fact that your sightings will go through to the A...

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NatureMapr coverage now includes SA, NT, TAS and WA18 Apr 2022

Platform update31 Mar 2022

Update on our Gang-gang study21 Dec 2021

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Latest discussion

Tapirlord wrote:
27 Apr 2022
Pterostylis sp. Can't tell the species without more lively flowers.

Pterostylis sp.
Tapirlord wrote:
27 Apr 2022
Jim, this is Melichrus erubescens, ruby urn heath. Will add at some point. :)

Unidentified Other Shrub (TBC)
Tapirlord wrote:
27 Apr 2022
A senecio amongst a pimelea, possibly S.hispidulus but can't be sure.

Senecio sp.
SamC_ wrote:
24 Apr 2022
Great work team!

NatureMapr coverage now includes SA, NT, TAS and WA
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