NatureMapr Data Collector App update

Posted by AaronClausen

 20 Nov 2023

Hi All,

We are progressing well with an important update to the NatureMapr Data Collector App that will soon roll out the following improvements:

  • Simpler, easier to use, one click "Select a category/species" screen when reporting sightings
  • Simpler, clearer error messaging in the event of a slow internet connection
  • Simpler, clearer error messaging when an incorrect username/password are entered
  • "Go to profile" link will launch a new standalone browser window rather than an "in app" browser window
  • Sighting count will be removed from user profile page. Please use the new "go to profile" instead as app will remain 100% focused on data collection only
  • Resolve audio sighting crash affecting some android devices
  • Resolve unexpected crash on some iPhone devices which are running corporate device management software such as Microsoft Intune
  • Clearer, simpler description of what the app is used for and what its purpose is - NatureMapr Data Collector App

Thank you to all our legendary NatureMapr Data Collector App testers - you guys are amazing and we hugely appreciate your assistance.

Direct in-app AI image recognition (coming soon)

Following the release of this important update, we will incorporate CarbonAI's AI image recognition directly into the app so that the identification process is even more streamlined and hassle free.


UserKC wrote:
   20 Nov 2023
Awesome to get a response to user feedback like this.
   21 Nov 2023
It would be good to be able to lodge an observation to genus status (eg Pomaderris sp.) without having to make a wild guess at species level.
   21 Nov 2023
Hi @UserCqoIFqhZ - you can just select pomaderris sp. even in the app and that's perfectly valid.
lbradleyKV wrote:
   23 Nov 2023
Sometimes there is no option to select just genus. There are cases where only species are given as options. I was told that I could add a genus sp. from some global database somewhere but I don’t have a clue how to do that.
Mike wrote:
"Resolve audio sighting crash affecting some android devices." My Android app usually worked with audio records, but today has failed with my gang-gang audio. The test version seemed to work with a previous frog record (though I don't know what database it goes to).

I have tried log-out and back in as well as phone update, so far without success. Where does Naturemapr store the audio on my phone before it uploads? If I knew that, I could upload via the website.

I assume I will lose the record if I uninstall and reinstall the app.

Thanks Mike.

Yep issue only randomly happens sometimes on certain devices when saving the audio file to disk doesn't happen in time for the app to refresh the screen.

When this issue occurs the audio file may not be saved on the gallery on your device.

Please have a look in your devices file system and gallery, you may be lucky. But unfortunately I don't think the prognosis is good for that sighting until we role out the next pending update very soon.


Mike wrote:
I didn't find it in my audio files so I guess it has gone.

It was an interesting screaming match between Gang-gangs and sulphur crested cockatoos.

On my phone the app just disappeared and went back to the main screen, or once said NatureMapr stopped working.

Should I keep checking the test app seeing the fault is 'random'?

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